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All plastic waste from banana farms is converted into construction material.
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With the growth of our banana operations, the number of bags used in the ripening process has increased (to protect the banana from insects and weather). We asked ourselves: what could be done with the waste? We needed to give plastic a second life!

After finding ourselves in need to buy corner pieces from plastic factories for our pallets, boxes, and packaging, we saw the sustainable and economic solution right in front of us: recycle the plastic from the bags and manufacture our own corner pieces.

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In association with the University of Piura (Peru), the goal was to investigate how to reuse more than 5 tons of plastic that the company discards monthly. The team found in ProInnóvate, a government agency from the Ministry of Production, the strategic partner to achieve the necessary support that would develop a proof of concept.

This year, after winning second place in the 2022 Innovation Award, we have the financing to continue recycling these durable plastic bricks, which will serve to build walls, enclosures, and slabs, which are the protection for the Quincha and mud houses in the rural areas of Piura. Ultimately, these recycled bricks from our farms will provide families with greater security against the rains and natural phenomena.

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Miguel Ángel Popolizio receiving the 2022 Innovation Award, from the National Society of Industries.
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